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OTT Killian

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I've always been fascinated by what Mankind is capable of achieving through sheer will and mutual aid.


I intend to revolutionize the World, to be forever inscribed in History, immortalized by human consciousness, to enter the collective unconscious. 

My mission is to unite people through innovation. eSport is the best tool to offer spectacular events and make people dream. This approach aims to create unparalleled events that captivate audiences worldwide.

What many people forget is that to understand Artificial Intelligence is to understand life. AI doesn't replace humans, they imitates them, they ARE them.

By integrating Artificial Intelligence into eSports, we're not just offering more events, we're transforming the way people experience entertainment. Our aim is to enable people to escape, to temporarily put aside the challenges of the World and share in excitement of something truly extraordinary.

Team Cardinalis is more than just a business to me; I've decided to fight for every breath that life offer to me and dedicate my life to the maximum people possible it's a commitment to humanity to improve the world through the dream I'm making here.

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