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The structure of the organisation is divided into different departments, which are in turn divided into different levels of management, notably the executive level ( "C-Suite" ), the management level ( "Tier I" ) and the stakeholder level ( "Tier II" ). Each role within the team operates as follows



Recruitment Department Meetings

The Chief Recruitment Officer meets with Recruiters on the 1st and 15th of each month to discuss talent acquisition strategies and progress.

eSport Department Meetings

Chief eSports Officer meets with Divisions Managers on the 9th and 23rd of each month for strategic planning.

Divisions Managers meet with Captains and Coaches on the 10th and 24th of each month to cascade information and discuss team development.


Divisions Managers, Captains, Coaches, and Pro-Players meet on the 11th and 25th of each month for operational strategy and performance analysis.

R&D Department Meetings

Chief Technical Officer meets with Developers on the 2nd and 16th of each month to align on technology initiatives and project milestones.


A cross-functional meeting with GFX/VFX Designers is suggested to occur on the 3rd and 17th of each month to ensure the alignment of technical development with creative design.

Communication Department Meetings

Chief Commercial Officer meets with the Community Manager, Content Creators and GFX/VFX Designers on the 4th and 18th of each month to align on communication strategies.


Partnership Manager meets with Sponsors and Partners on the 5th of each month to review partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

Financial Department Meetings

Chief Financial Officer meets with Accountants on the 6th and 20th of each month for financial reporting and budget planning.

Executive Board Meetings

The Chief Executive Officer conducts a monthly executive review with all department chiefs ( Executive Board ) on the 21st of each month to oversee organizational performance and strategic direction.

Emergency Protocols

These protocols are implemented due to unavoidable circumstances, ensuring strict compliance and adherence. Any attempt to challenge or overturn these protocols can only be undertaken with the deployment and support of other designated emergency protocols or by vote of the Executive Board. This ensures that established procedures retain their integrity and effectiveness in managing critical situations.

Protocol #1​

Should the Chief Executive Officer announce their inability to fulfill their duties, the Executive Board will undertake decision-making obligations via a voting mechanism until the Chief Executive Officer is considered capable of resuming their responsibilities.

Protocol #2​

In the absence of a Division Manager, the responsibility shall fall to the Division Captain to assume the managerial role until a suitable Division Manager is appointed.

Protocol #3​

Should any member of the Executive Board disclose an incapacity to discharge their duties, the Chief Executive Officer will assume the responsibilities for making decisions. In the event that the Chief Executive Officer declares an inability to perform their duties, reference shall be made to Protocol #1 for the subsequent course of action.

Certificate Checker

To guarantee the authenticity of these titles, we have implemented a robust verification system.

This system allows anyone to verify the validity of our issued certificates and confirm their authenticity.

By using this verification portal, you can ensure that the credentials are genuine.

Admission Protocol

Branding Guidelines

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