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Branding Guidelines

Team Cardinalis stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Our communication guidelines aim to reinforce this image by ensuring consistency and clarity in all our messages. These guidelines are designed to ensure that every interaction with our brand reflects our core values: innovation, integrity, and community involvement.



#OOOOO - Black​​

#EEEEEE - Grey White
#CCCCCC - Light Grey
#808080 - Trolley Grey
#FF0000 - Red

#FFFFFF - White


Orbitron Black
Bai Jamjuree Extralight


Global Branding

Landing Titles - Bai Jamjuree Extralight, #EEEEEE, 40px, Line spacing : auto
Landing Titles - Bai Jamjuree, Bold, #EEEEEE, 65px, Line spacing : auto
Section Titles - Bai Jamjuree, Bold, #EEEEEE, 40px, Line spacing : auto
Extra Section Titles - Bai Jamjuree Extralight, #808080, 40px, Line spacing : auto
Sub-Titles - Bai Jamjuree, #CCCCCC, 20px, Line spacing : auto
Texts - Bai Jamjuree, #808080, 17px, Line spacing : auto
Buttons - Bai Jamjuree, #CCCCCC, 15px, Line spacing : auto, 10px border radius
Buttons Icon - #EEEEEE, 15px, Line spacing : auto

Official Documents

​​​Title - Montserrat, 20px, Centered
Sub-Title - Semi-Bold,  12px,
Text - Montserrat, 11px, Justified

Logos & Icons


READING DIRECTION - In Western cultures, we read from left to right. Looking to the right can therefore be interpreted as a forward movement, towards the future.

SYMBOLISM- The Right is often associated with positive concepts such as progress, growth and innovation.

VISUAL PERCEPTION - Images with subjects looking to the right can give an impression of dynamism and action, which is often used to inspire and motivate consumers.


The bird symbolises freedom, speed and a lofty outlook, which is appropriate for an organisation seeking to reach new heights and stand out for its dynamism and ambition.

The bird is drawn geometrically with sharp, angular lines, giving it a modern, clean look.

The contrast between the bright red of the bird and the black background ensures optimum visibility in different lighting conditions and against different backgrounds.

Red is often used to capture attention, many brands use red in their logo and visual identity to convey feelings of dynamism, passion and power.

The logo is composed of simple geometric shapes, making it easy to adapt to different formats and surfaces. It also makes it easily recognisable.

Team Cardinalis


The word 'Team' is written in white, using a modern sans-serif font, with clean lines and slightly rounded corners. This gives an impression of clarity and simplicity, it symbolises purity, clarity and neutrality. It also highlights the word "Cardinalis" in red.


The word 'Cardinalis' is in bright red, with a similar but slightly thicker font, emphasising its importance.


The red colour contrasts sharply with the black background, making it highly visible and attractive, it symbolises passion, energy and determination.


The bright colour is eye-catching and evokes strong emotions, in keeping with the team's competitive spirit.


The black background adds a dramatic contrast and makes the white and red letters stand out. Black is often associated with sophistication and professionalism.


Orbitron Black - This sans-serif font is characterised by its angular, futuristic shapes, often used in technology and video games. It gives the text an impression of modernity and dynamism.




Bai Jamjuree



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