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Community Managers

Community Managers play a vital role within a company, acting as the bridge between the brand and its online audience. By fostering positive interactions and facilitating discussions on social media, Community Managers enhance the company's image and visibility. An effective Community Manager goes beyond merely responding to comments; they strive to understand and anticipate the community's expectations, encourage engagement, and create a sense of belonging.

By monitoring trends and adapting communication strategies, they contribute to the continuous improvement of the user experience and the development of a lasting trust relationship with customers, which is crucial for the company's long-term growth.

Key Responsability

1 - Analysis of recruitment needs

Working with managers to understand staffing needs and define the profiles required.

2 - Drafting and distributing advertisements

Creating attractive job descriptions and publishing them on various recruitment channels.

​3 - Searching for candidates

Use sourcing techniques, including social networks, databases and job boards, to find qualified candidates.

​4 - Candidate selection

Examine CVs and covering letters and shortlist candidates according to defined criteria.

​5 - Conducting interviews

Conducting video and/or face-to-face interviews to assess candidates' skills and cultural compatibility.

​6 - Skills assessment

Use technical, psychometric or situational tests to assess candidates skills.

7 - Managing the recruitment process

Coordinating the various stages of the recruitment process, including scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates.

8 - Negotiating offers

Prepares and presents job offers, and negotiates terms and conditions of employment with successful candidates.

​9 - Employer brand management

Promote the company's image as an employer of choice through recruitment campaigns and events.

​10 - Compliance and administration

Ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations on recruitment, and manage the administrative aspects of the process.

Requested Skills

- Interpersonal communication

- Empathy

- Creativity

- Patience and diplomacy

- Adaptability

- Time management

- Problem-solving skills

- Teamwork

- Positive attitude

- Sense of ethics

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