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Recruiters plays a crucial role within a company as the guardian of quality and organisational culture. By identifying and attracting the talent best suited to the company's needs, recruiters contributes directly to the company's performance and competitiveness. A good recruiter not only fills vacancies, but also seeks to anticipate future needs, promote the employer brand and guarantee a positive candidate experience. This ensures a continuous flow of skills and innovation, while promoting employee retention and supporting the company's sustainable growth.

Key Responsability

1 - Analysis of recruitment needs

Working with managers to understand staffing needs and define the profiles required.

2 - Drafting and distributing advertisements

Creating attractive job descriptions and publishing them on various recruitment channels.

​3 - Searching for candidates

Use sourcing techniques, including social networks, databases and job boards, to find qualified candidates.

​4 - Candidate selection

Examine CVs and covering letters and shortlist candidates according to defined criteria.

​5 - Conducting interviews

Conducting video and/or face-to-face interviews to assess candidates' skills and cultural compatibility.

​6 - Skills assessment

Use technical, psychometric or situational tests to assess candidates skills.

7 - Managing the recruitment process

Coordinating the various stages of the recruitment process, including scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates.

8 - Negotiating offers

Prepares and presents job offers, and negotiates terms and conditions of employment with successful candidates.

​9 - Employer brand management

Promote the company's image as an employer of choice through recruitment campaigns and events.

​10 - Compliance and administration

Ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations on recruitment, and manage the administrative aspects of the process.

Requested Skills

- Communication​

- Negotiation​

- Initiative-taking​

- Organisational skills

- Adaptability

- Empathy

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