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Artificial Intelligences

Artificial intelligence is one of our major tools enabling us to revolutionise the world. We are integrating advanced AI technologies to transform our operations and create unrivalled experiences by pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


Our pioneering use of AI doesn't just simplify processes, it redefines the future, positioning us as visionaries ready to make our mark on the times. Find out how we're shaping the future.


We have revolutionised the organisation of eSport tournaments thanks to our innovative artificial intelligence. This AI manages all the logistical aspects of competitions, including registering participants, creating brackets, managing schedules and taking results.


By eliminating human and operational costs, we offer affordable weekly tournaments, while guaranteeing fair and transparent competition management. This technology democratises access to eSport tournaments, making these events more inclusive and more frequent.


Revolutionary artificial intelligence, engineered to transform communication on Discord servers with real-time, multilingual translations. Leveraging advanced neural networks, our AI excels in language recognition, automatic message processing, and auto-moderation, ensuring effortless communication across diverse linguistic communities, fostering global unity.


We have made an artificial intelligence dedicated specifically to the audiovisual production of our eSport tournaments. This advanced AI is capable of capturing, editing and broadcasting live competitions, ensuring high-quality media coverage without the need for human intervention.


It automatically manages camera angles, transitions and instant replays, providing an immersive and professional viewing experience for spectators around the world. This technology enables us to maintain high broadcasting standards while reducing production costs.

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