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David SABO



Hello, my name is David. I come from Serbia and I am professional Apex Legends player. my role in team is In-Game Leader. I am known for my exceptional skills, quick adaptation and quick learner.

I've dedicated myself one day to become best of the best in Apex and go to ALGS to win against best players in the world

My main Legends are Bangalore and Fuse. i've been playing Apex legends since Season 10 and i am multi-season Master player.

Chief Executive Officer

Chicken demonstrates exceptional skill as a player, an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, even when his morale is sometimes tested.

His self-reflection allows him to bounce back with renewed confidence. What's more, he makes a significant contribution to maintaining an excellent team spirit and promoting cohesion within the group.

But he remains one of the best players, if not THE best player, he understands the team's underlying cause, has a big heart and unprecedented loyalty. 

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