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Isothermal Bottle

Team Cardinalis


Product + 23,99

Shipping Costs + 4,99 €

Our Benefits + 1,00 €

Total = 29,98


100% Stainless Steel

Capacity : 500 mL

Not suitable for white designs and elements

Not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or freezer

Hand Wash Only

BPA and Phthalate-free


Elevate your hydration game with our exclusive Team Cardinalis bottle. Designed for esports enthusiasts, this sleek thermos is more than just a beverage companion—it's a statement of unwavering support for Team Cardinalis.

Crafted for quality and performance, our thermos ensures your favorite drink stays at the perfect temperature, whether you're at a heated competition, on the go, or simply in your daily routine. With the iconic Team Cardinalis colors proudly displayed, this thermos is a tangible expression of your commitment to the team, showcasing your passion beyond the virtual arena.

Don't let thirst disrupt your focus. Take the Team Cardinalis thermos wherever you go, becoming an integral part of the team even on the move. For true fans, support knows no bounds. Be ready for the adventure, stay hydrated, and display your pride in style with our exclusive Team Cardinalis thermos.


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