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Arkadiusz Równicki



Hello, my name is Arkadiusz, although I prefer being called Arek or Ripper! I come from Poland and I am a professional Valorant player for Team Cardinalis. I have been building my experience in the esports world since 2015 as a CS:GO player.

My passion has always been things related to eSports, whether it's playing itself, leading a team, or working as a teacher in an eSports school. My goal is to show the world what I'm capable of, to develop myself and my individual skills, so I can be an even greater support for the team!

In Valorant, I feel best when playing with Operator, but I am comfortable in any role and do not intend to succumb to pressure. I will always assist the team in the way they need, whether it's on the Valorant map or during strategy creation and presentations.

Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his association with our organization, Arkadiusz has exemplified an exceptional degree of commitment and enthusiasm, distinguishing himself markedly within our ranks.


His engagement in the European Valorant Championship serves as a robust affirmation of his prowess and unwavering pursuit of distinction in the competitive gaming landscape. Arkadiusz's prowess in fostering teamwork and uplifting his peers, particularly during high-pressure situations, has been instrumental to our collective achievements.

Possessing a keen strategic mind and unwavering resolve, Arkadiusz is an indispensable asset to our team. His adeptness at swiftly deciphering complex scenarios and modifying strategies in real-time has frequently been a cornerstone of our triumphs.

I am thoroughly astounded by Arkadiusz's dedication and zeal on a consistent basis. His contribution to our team has been immensely fortuitous, and I am assured of his ongoing excellence and capacity to motivate those around him, irrespective of his future endeavors.

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