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Jett | Raze

" Chaos is my playground, victory, my domain. "

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Hello, my name is Marcel, and in the gaming world, I'm known as a duelist in Valorant. I hail from Poland and have completed my esports education. Currently, I'm pursuing my studies while actively participating in the esports scene.

My journey in the competitive gaming realm began with completing an esports school, and I've forged friendships with players like Ripper and Yvmiko over the past few years.


My focus is on continuous improvement, both as a student and as a dedicated Valorant player. I strive to showcase my skills, contribute to the team, and create a positive impact on the gaming community.

Whether I'm engaging in duels on the Valorant map or collaborating with teammates, my goal is to bring my best to every gaming session. I am committed to fostering a supportive and friendly environment, not just within the team but also in the broader esports community.

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