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Founded in 2020 by Killian "PR0G3T" OTT, Team Cardinalis is an

International eSports organisation

Our mission transcends winning tournaments. We aspire to change the World and enter History by developing cutting-edge technologies, investing heavily in research and development, committing to establish new breakthroughs with AI technologies.

We firmly believe in the power of eSports events to inspire and unite people around the World, which is why we are striving to create an global inclusive ecosystem.

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Ambitions Roadmap

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Creation by
Killian "PR0G3T" OTT

AI Tournaments

BETA Test Phase


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Declaration Under

1 July 1901 French Law


Executive Board

In the heart of Innovation, here are the Founders, Pioneers, and Principal Leaders of the project, shaping the Future through Collaboration and their ambitions


Here's our skilled staff, without whom nothing is possible

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